Independent Democratic Candidate
for Illinois State Senate District 26

Working hard to
represent You!

As your State Senator, I pledge to be part of the solution, and not beholden to party line positioning. I want to be YOUR advocate. I want to hear YOUR stories, share them in the State Senate, and create legislation that benefits YOU, the constituents of the 26th Senate district.


Maria Peterson

Maria Peterson is a lifelong believer in Service before Politics, and she is running so that she can be the voice for all the constituents of the 26th District. Maria grew up in the Western Suburbs of Chicago in a hard-working, middle-class family.

The Environment

As a strong voice representing our district, I will bring home infrastructure funds to improve the availability of electric charging stations, bike lanes and electric public transportation – all in the effort to cut greenhouse pollution and create healthier lives by working with local communities, businesses and community organizations.


As the mother of a deaf son, and now grandmother, I understand how important it is to receive quality and available educational services.


I am the daughter of a 90-year-old dad, and the mother of a son who suffers from PTSD.  Healthcare should include the WHOLE body. Mental health illness is treated separately and often with a stigma.  I believe mental health is brain health, and when the brain is healthy, the body is healthy and vice versa. 

Small Business

For 25 years I operated FitCore, Inc., a one-woman corrective exercise training facility.  Myself like many closed the doors to my business in 2021 because of the Pandemic.  While I was the only one “employed”, there are many businesses that closed or are just making ends meet. 


Nobody likes to pay taxes, but taxes are what builds our roads and our infrastructure. Taxes are what helps create laws to ensure that you are protected from fraud from a bank or a business. Taxes are what helps our kids get educated and supports our public safety such as police and fire.

Accessibility, Responsibility, Transparency, & Community

It is my responsibility to hear you and be your voice, your advocate in Springfield.


Gun Violence

As a mother and grandmother, I am deeply devastated by continual mass shootings that are killing our children and putting every individual in America at risk. Illinois continues to work towards making gun violence prevention a priority and is taking measures to control gun accessibility. 

Women's Rights

It is unbelievable that today, in the most developed country in the world, we do not have a provision that addresses gender equality in our constitution - thus our right to bodily autonomy has never been explicitly guaranteed.

the issues

As a strong voice representing our district, here are some of the issues that Maria Peterson is passionate about changing in her district.

take action

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