Maria Peterson Endorsed by G-PAC and Giffords PAC for her Advocacy Against Gun Violence

BARRINGTON, Ill. – Sept. 15, 2022PRLog — Maria Peterson, Democratic Candidate for State Senate District 26, is endorsed by Gun Violence Prevention PAC and Giffords PAC who recognized her ongoing support for efforts to quell gun violence.

Peterson said, “I am very grateful to have the endorsement of these leaders in the efforts to prevent gun violence. As a mother and grandmother, I am deeply devastated by continual mass shootings that are killing our children and putting every individual in America at risk. Illinois continues to work towards making gun violence prevention a priority and is taking measures to control gun accessibility. Unfortunately, much of the gun violence experienced in Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois is due to guns trafficked in from Indiana which has weak gun laws, and straw purchasers who purchase guns for individuals that do not qualify to purchase a gun on their own. As State Senator for the 26th District, I will advocate for continued safe gun storage supported with public announcements, for mental health crisis units to be set up and supported in communities that are experiencing high rates of gun deaths, for better police and community interaction, and enhance federal legislation to deal with illegal guns being trafficked across state lines.”

“Gun violence has become a way of life for Illinois residents and that is unacceptable. In the upcoming election, voters are looking for candidates who will stand up to the gun lobby and advance legislation to keep illegal guns and weapons of war out of our communities,” said Kathleen Sances, President and CEO of the Gun Violence Prevention PAC (G-PAC). “Gun violence is on the ballot in November and we will work tirelessly to ensure this slate is elected.”

“State legislators have the power and opportunity to make their communities safer from gun violence as they are at the forefront of enacting gun laws that can and do save lives. That’s why we’re proud to be endorsing these gun safety champions today,” said former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. “These candidates understand the devastating impact gun violence takes on neighborhoods across Illinois. They stand ready to enact much needed legislation in the effort to end our nation’s gun violence crisis. Today, I am proud to stand behind these candidates who are ready to make Illinois safer for all.”

To earn a gun safety endorsement from G-PAC and Giffords PAC each candidate demonstrated strong support of the following policies: 

Banning assault weapons Banning large-capacity magazines (LCMs) Making ghost guns illegal, which G-PAC and Giffords helped pass into law earlier this year  Funding community violence intervention programs  Funding a gun storage public awareness campaign


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