Maria Peterson Releases Statement On The IL 26th Final Results


Monday, November 28, 2022

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As the race for Illinois State Senate 26th District  now stands at less than half a percent, Candidate Maria Peterson releases statement


November 28, 2022 (North Barrington) – The following statement was released by Maria Peterson today, candidate for Illinois State Senate, in the race that resulted in one of the closest margins in the state. As the final tally now stands at 49.78% (Peterson) to 50.22% (McConchie) and with less than a 400 vote difference, Peterson has conceded the race to Senate Minority leader Dan McConchie. Although the razor-thin margin would allow Peterson to trigger a recount, she chose to accept the results. 

Peterson stated:

  “It was an honor to run for the Illinois State Senate in the 26th District. I am proud to have run one of the most competitive State Senate races in Illinois. We came within 393 votes of the approximately 90,000 votes cast. I am very grateful for our volunteers and team who made that possible. They went door to door, made phone calls, engaged on social media, and were a huge pillar of support. Their commitment and belief in our message are the reasons we came from so far back to make a lasting impact on this district and the Illinois State Senate. My rock throughout this campaign was my husband and the love of my life, Ken, who co-piloted this race with my team. 

We owe it to the voters and supporters to see that each vote was counted, especially in a race that was so close. Now that the votes have all been tabulated, I left a message with Senator Dan McConchie, congratulating him on his win. I told him that I looked forward to working with him on bi-partisan issues affecting our district. 

“One year ago, this was a race that no one was interested in because it was believed that Senate leadership couldn’t be unseated. With hard work, values that mattered in my district, and continued growing support, we grew our campaign every day, including winning over those who were skeptical at first. This is why we came within .44% of beating the highly funded incumbent Republican State Senate leader. I am one who takes on challenges, and this campaign faced many uphill battles. Leaders rarely face challengers in their home district – a district the incumbent helped to draw.  

“I am proud of my campaign’s many accomplishments. Thanks to a strong organization, we contacted more than 50,000 voters directly, and I personally canvassed more than 5,000 doors. In our contact with voters,  it was clear that a woman’s right to choose mattered. In a critical time in our country’s and State’s history, we activated the Pro-Choice movement through grassroots organizing. I am also proud to have enhanced the voice of the district by bringing common sense gun laws, ethics in government and protecting the environment to the forefront of this race. As a child of immigrants, I am honored to have engaged with our diverse population in the district.

“Running against one of the most powerful leaders in the State Senate was challenging; however, we kept moving forward, and our campaign was able to make a significant impact proving that when leadership is left unchecked, we leave opportunity on the table. 

“There is still more work to be done, and I continue to have a vision for that future. I am committed to staying in the struggle. The results of this election have made it clear that our district is ready for new voices. We must codify a woman’s right to choose, remove the threat of gun violence from our neighborhoods, and always place service before politics.”