Fair taxes &


Illinois families have been hit hard by the effects of the pandemic and the resulting economic downturn. They have had to tighten their belts and budget wisely… which is exactly what Springfield needs to continue doing — bringing stability to our state finances. Decades of government dysfunction, waste, corruption, and fiscal instability must give way to fairer taxing and smarter spending for the kind of life we deserve to live here.

Pointless political squabbling has gotten in the way of sensible finances. Count on Maria Peterson to make sure that the taxes that pay for what we need — infrastructure, education, healthcare, and public safety — are levied responsibly and fairly… closing loopholes wherever possible, collecting overlooked funds… and spent honestly to invest in our state and our futures, without the drain that waste and corruption have had on finances.

A Path To Fairer Taxing, Spending, and Financial Stability:



Illinois remains a pro-choice state, despite the assault on women’s rights and privacy by lifelong anti-abortion, forced-birth crusaders like my opponent. I will not stand by while they keep chipping away at every woman’s right to decide when or how many or even whether to have children… and who oppose abortions even in cases of rape, incest, or life-threatening pregnancy, setting their sights on a total abortion ban here.

Forcing women to give birth is just plain wrong. Reproductive health decisions should be between women and their doctors only. Women here — as well as in surrounding states who depend on Illinois as a haven — need to feel safe from meddling politicians and ideological extremists who would make them second-class citizens and potential criminals. Count on Maria Peterson to not only keep Illinois a pro-choice state but to strengthen laws protecting women’s right to privacy and bodily autonomy.

Ensuring Legal Protection of Women’s Health, Safety and Privacy


& Public Safety

People here are outraged by mass shootings like the nearby July 4th Highland Park tragedy, and by the easy access dangerous people have to dangerous weapons — battlefield weapons and untraceable guns that kill our cops and our kids. Loved ones grieve, while lawmakers cash checks from the NRA and block sensible gun safety laws, offering up phony talk about being tough on crime.

Being tough on crime means standing up to gun lobbies, not doing their business. It means showing up to vote for the laws our communities want to regulate gun sales and prevent tragedy. It means fixing the loopholes that let criminals who can afford it pay their way out of jail. And it means giving the police that risk their lives to protect us everything they need to be effective at upholding the law and respected in and responsive to the communities they serve. Count on Maria Peterson to fight back against gun groups and work to make people in Illinois safer from crime and violence.

Putting the Law to Work to Make Our Communities Safer

Small Business

For 25 years I operated FitCore, Inc., a one-woman corrective exercise training facility. Like many, I closed the doors to my business in 2021 because of the Pandemic. While I was the only one “employed”, there are many businesses that closed or are just making ends meet. My plans for small businesses are:

The Environment

These pictures demonstrate a mass reduction of air pollution during the pandemic. It proves that we can reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

As a strong voice representing our district, I will:

This is all in the effort to cut greenhouse pollution and create healthier lives by working with local communities, businesses, and community organizations.


As the mother of a deaf son, and now grandmother, I understand how important it is to receive quality and available educational services. My plans for education in Illinois are:

Health care

I am the daughter of a 90-year-old dad, and the mother of a son who suffers from PTSD. Healthcare should include the WHOLE body. Mental health illness is treated separately and often with a stigma. I believe mental health is brain health, and when the brain is healthy, the body is healthy and vice versa.  My plans for healthcare are:

Accessibility, Responsibility, Transparency & Community

As your State Senator I pledge to you: